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Cruiser Shop Updates

August - 2023 We are in recovery/catch up mode from Shiny Side Up... Please be patient with emails/orders we are trying to get back to everyone as soon as possible. We also have a ton of build photos we need to update on the website.


Thank you for checking out our website, this is where we showcase the custom bicycles we create and services we can provide. We do everything we can in house that way we can really feel confident in the product we put our name on... anyone can outsource all the work and say they built it but did they really? We opened our doors in 2012, Our vision was a shop that strictly built and sold custom cruisers and parts which at that time didn't exist.... We had our retail space for about 5 years which we out grew so we moved to a bigger shop where we can solely focus on Building and Fabrication. For those that may not know I've been in the bicycle scene for 20+ years and in that time I started a small bike show which turned into "Shiny Side Up" which is the longest running bicycle show in the US, was co-creator of Behind Bars Inc. - a custom bicycle clothing line and lastly designed the Hard Time Frame which is one of the top selling custom bicycle frames in US. Its been a long ride, the scene has had lots of changes through out the years but I've ALWAYS stayed true to my core of having my own style, being original and not following the trends...I can't Thank all of the customers and supporters enough who have been along for the ride... the support is what keeps us rolling.


The Cruiser Shop is the official US distributor for the "HARD TIME" frame and is only available through our shop. If you are interested in purchasing a frame you can purchase one through our online shop by clicking the photo below or you can email:, call: 408-497-0079.



The Cruiser Shop is an independently owned and operated shop offering custom built bicycles and parts. Each bike is built to the customer’s specifications, making each bicycle completely unique. We build bikes with form and function in mind so you can actually ride and enjoy your bike. With parts coming in from other countries, out-sourcing for powder coating and paint, and building, the lead time can range 2-6 months.  Please also note Spring/Summer is the busiest time of the year for the shop so please be patient. If your looking for a custom build over night or need it rushed, we aren't the shop.


We are a small business and try to answer to all phone calls and emails while running the shop but right now we are overwhelmed with work so it might take awhile to hear back....  The Cruiser Shop thanks all of our current and future customers for your support; we would not be here if it was not for all of you!


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