These are some examples of the custom builds that come out of the shop. All of these bikes have been built for customers so they are SOLD. With well over 150 custom builds since the shop opened in 2012 and almost 20 years involved in the bike community we have some pretty extensive experience. Most custom builds cost an average of $2,000 but that does depend on exact components and options. Our builds do take a long time, every aspect of these bikes is custom and zero details are missed. These don't get built over night, if your looking for that we aren't the shop for you.


***As of March 2020 we have about a 3 month lead time as we recently moved to a bigger shop so we can build more efficiently***

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****Custom bike build information - Our builds take an average of 3-6 months, this is due to how many bikes we have on the build list all the time. Please understand we use parts that are imported from out of the country so lead times can be extended from this, also we do not do our own powder coating/polishing/etc so this is also another area that can effect lead times. We do our best and it shows in the work we do. We do require a deposit to start the process, once the bike is started a refund is not 100% refundable. If we send parts to powder coat, this would be non-refundable...changes made during the process can also raise the price of the build if things have to be done twice****

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